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Stop typing passwords. Just like that.

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Whizu { Kee } is a fun, simple and secure password manager for companies and individuals to manage user accounts and passwords. Even better, Kee does all the typing for you.

You'll love Kee

If you're like the rest of us, you have too many user names and passwords to remember. Well, if that's indeed the case... Kee will make your day.

Return on investment

Have you ever calculated the amount of time and money your employees spend typing user names and passwords? We have. It's huge.

Free for personal use

Kee is free of charge for personal use. Thank you for returning the favour. Like us on Facebook or share Kee with your co-workers on LinkedIn.

Kee makes Login as simple as Ctrl & DoubleClick

You want to login? It really doesn't matter if it's a desktop application or a website.
Simply hold the Ctrl key and Double Click the left mouse button on the login screen. Kee will take care of the typing of user name and password and will log you in automatically. Easy and fast.


Your personal dashboard

It's entirely up to you how you organize and setup your personal and fancy looking portal with both your favorite websites and desktop applications.


Two Factor Authentication & Hardware Encryption

Kee uses secure military grade AES/256 encryption while your master password never leaves your computer. Two factor authentication is however becoming increasingly important. Kee supports Yubikey hardware encryption as well as USB softkeys, Google Authenticator and mobile phones & tablets.

Protect your online identity

Are your users and co-workers using strong passwords to access their applications? Are their passwords unique across sites and applications? Of course they are not. It's more likely that they are using the same password over and over again for all of their corporate and online applications and services. That's at least the case if you expect your users to remember and type these passwords themselves. So... how easy is it really to compromise your corporate data?

Insight analytics and reporting

Kee offers you all the tools, analytics and key performance indicators you need to find out exactly how well your company is protecting it's online identity.

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