User Guide

Whizu { Kee } is a fun, simple and secure password manager. Built for business but great for { free } personal use as well. Here's the user guide to get you started. Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Quick start for the impatient

Let's have a look at an example. Suppose you would like to add Facebook to your Whizu { Kee } password entries.

How to add a website to your password entries

  • Start your favorite browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome).
  • Go to the website you would like to add. For example, go to

  • Move your cursor over the Email login field where you want Kee to start typing.

  • Press the Ctrl key and while holding this key down, Double Click on the left mouse button.
  • The first time Kee will ask you to enter login and password.
  • Next time Kee will type login and password automagically.
  • Done.
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